At home in chemistry.
Growing with trademarks and mechanics.


Specialisation in chemistry and pharmaceutics.
One of our industry specialisations in patent law is chemistry and pharmaceutics. We have been supporting large clients and small start-ups for many years with the depth of knowledge and experience that long-term and comprehensive protection of intellectual property rights requires.

Specialisation in mechanics, mechanical engineering and physics.
In the future, we will continue to build on a specialisation that has shaped us in the past. We now have young colleagues and experienced professionals who are at home in at least two worlds. As engineers, we have to understand your ideas and innovations in minute detail. As patent lawyers, we will protect your inventions and enforce the law in your interests – on the Swiss market, in Europe and worldwide.

Specialisation in trademark law.
We are passionate about trademark protection. The rules in this area are different from patent protection. We know these rules, have detailed know-how and will support you from registering your trademarks to monitoring and enforcing your trademark law interests.

Specialisation in design protection.
Some things are both practical and beautiful. Design protection can be used to protect your product’s specific design and successfully prevent third parties from selling imitations and copies of your product.

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